Ep1: Abridged
December 01, 2019
There is many places in Prague that are so stunning. But there is also one place that rules them all. The single most enigmatic place in the city. It's called the Charles Bridge.

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1. Medieval 3D
When you pay a look to the bridge, you may notice a contrast. On one hand, every single sandstone within the medieval construction make you feel the pain that took it to get it there. You feel, how much it really cost to get every little piece on its place.

On the other hand, from a greater distance, you notice that the arches are beautifully carved. It's hard to believe it was made seven hundred years ago. It looks like it was printed on 3D - so smooth and geometric it is.
2. The message
At some point of time the bridge was upgraded. There came a time, when the message started to go towards the people. Right into the street. In that time we call Baroque, a little army of statues was made for the bridge. And really, since then, this was no longer just a bridge.
3. Patrons saint
The bridge is inhabited by a unit of saints. It takes you back a few centuries. And the result is stunning. Suddenly, you see why the eyes of our predecessors were pointed up. So mighty, so irresistible, are the faces of the patrons.
4. Anno Domini
The statues were placed on the bridge in... Well you can find out on your own. The time is written within the labels and you just need to string the capital letters to make it a year in the Roman numerals. Good luck!
5. How to love the bridge
What is the thrill? How to love the bridge? The bookguides slice it like bread. Their advice: enjoy the facts about individual statues. Our advice: don't do that.

The bridge is unique as a whole thing. This is the perfect medival situation, man! Life as a narrow straight passage, with time passing under your feet. The only comfort is the faith in army of patrons, that defy time and salute to you as you go on.

A good case to close all the guides and enjoy the moment.
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