Ep2: Chamber
December 15, 2019
In old wardrobes you would expect this - a secret drawer that served as the storage of the most precious possession. In the Prague cathedral the secret drawer is included too. And it is still on service today.

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1. The storage
There is more reasons why you would like to see this elaborate pile of sandstone from near. Yet, on the secret-o-meter, nothing beats the fact, that something very very preciousss is stored there, in one tucked room. Yes, the cathedral is basically an XXL storage for one of the few remaining royal crowns.
2. Megapixel gate
Laden with meaning is the cathedral's Golden Gate. The door is a variation on the snowflake fragility (just peep inside!). Than there is the 1Mpx golden mosaic above the door - look at this cartoon edition of Christian eschatology and you'll find yourself some 600 springs back. Yet, the fateful message is not the only thing the gate has been destined to bear.
3. Suspicious windows
The mosaic was assembled from 1.000.000 stones. Its cast - all the saints, the Emperor, the Queen, the woken dead, the angels - grafitate towards the center. Jesus Christ in Majesty.

So it isn't hard to ignore two glassless windows that mirror the holy mandorla on both sides. It's a classical example of negative space or darkest place under the candle. And this dark windows will turn out to be quite consequential.
4. Secret chamber
For behind the windows, there is a simple solemn room. There are no pictures of the room, but there is a sketch. In the room, there is no furniture, except for an old black wardrobe. In the wardrobe, there is an old leather case.

And in the leather case, the legendary Crown of Saint Wenceslas is kept. You could say that of all things the Czech country has in possession, this is the most valuable. But beware: it is the crown that is the supreme owner of the country.

More on that in the podcast.
5. One of the great crowns
The crown is a sleeping beauty. This particular nod to Jesus Christ's crown of thorns was commissioned and paid for by a single person, emperor Charles and it is the most telling metaphor of luxury. It's tiny clips got a firm grasp on six of ten heaviest saphires. The little cross on the top is a shrine of on thorn of the bogota mock crown.

When you stand in front of the golden gate, enjoy being some twenty meters far from the crown - a few meters from the principal cargo of this antient, worn-out yet eternal ship, the Prague cathedral.
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