Ep8: Misfit
March 15, 2020
On one April Sunday morning in 1991, a group of 12 students found themselves under a tank. This tank was not in a battle for decades, but soon it would find itself on a battlefield. Once again.

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1. Tank
It was a tank-legend – it was said to be the very first tank of the Red Army to enter Prague on 9th of May 1945. There was a big number 23 on its turret. And that was his legendary name: Tank 23.

Picture: FORTEPAN / Gyöngyi
2. Guerilla
After about a month, the pink tank lost the ground and was removed into a military museum. General public were sympathising with the pink guerilla, so they went to police to present themselves as collaborators, about a hundered people, who never met David Černý in their life.

Picture: Hynek Moravec
3. Sinking
The pink tank is gone, locked in the military lapidarium. But somehow, David got to another tank, only a piece of tank. And this piece of tank is today placed on the very same square. Check the shownotes for the location and make sure to call in, because it might get removed again. It is like the other works of art by David Černý - always making somebody mad.
4. Pink
Just like the big tank, this fragment was painted in pink. And just like the big tank, it got repainted into green again. You can still detect the pink from a few stains on its surface.
5. Again
David did not learn his lesson and made another mystification, this time on the European level. The officials were kept in the illusion of the collective european collaboration. Until the very day of the opening. Then, David Černý went into the office of his friend, politician and the guarantee of the whole project.

Picture: By VitVit - Own work
6. Street art
David is the dominant supplier of streat art in Prague. There is about ten places where you can bump into his works – his babies, hanging man or kafka's head made it into book guides.
7. Misfit
What you see here is a total misfit. But misfits usually find themselves on the destructive side. But this case is very different. David Černý is hardworking constructive misfit, and his intractability gave this city great fruits.
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