Warm welcome
September 01, 2019
There is only one place so georgeus, fantastic and superb. The Past has left her belongings in Prague, as if this city was a secret attic in the granny's house. This city is a crush.

Different eras had Prague as their showcase. As a result, there is so much to look at. And it is easy to get overwhelmed.

So it is good to be picky. Feel free to get inspired by the podcast or to check our private tours, either to book one, or just to get ideas and halliburton Prague on your own. It's always good to have a little plan.

But most of all, warm welcome to you.
Three rules
In all we do, we follow three simple rules. These rules navigate our podcast and tours. But they are a great guide to wandering Prague as such, so let us suggest them to your kind attention.

These rules go as follows:
#1 Only what you see
It is so tempting to dip into history, architecture or any other theory. We don't do that. Prague is an exhibition and it was made for looking. No narration without representation, that is the first rule.

So, every story on our podcast, and every narration on our tours spins around what is visible (like the hidden spire identity of this cute round summerhouse). This is the change factor that gets fun into visiting, and we'll never give it up.
#2 It's a holiday!
It's a holiday! At least it was supposed so, back home. But there is so much to focus attention and in the end, a visit can turn into hard labor easily.

Solution? Be selective and take your time to sink in. It is better to remember five places than to forget twenty. Leave some secrets uncovered – for your next visit.
#3 Follow the detail
Where is a detail, there is a story. And often it's a little hint that opens the door to a great story.

That's why we avoid complex reports on this house and that church - they tend to slip on the surface. You can guess that from the podcast episodes - hardly ever they aspire to a thorough curricula of a place.

Instead we pick what is really inspiring about the place, and we warmly advice you to do the same on your adventures. It is a detail, where the focus, story and fun begins.
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