Ep4: Spa Girls
January 15, 2020
Today we get back to the magnificent Charles Bridge - to its very treshold to be correct. We will uncover a beautiful secret, that is not hidden yet goes unnoticed by most. There is dark under the candle - and this is a perfect case of this saying.

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1. Under the candle
Approaching to the bridge, eyes are fixed on the fabled narrow passage. What a sight! Who would think of looking up, at the old gate's ceiling. But we dare you to.
2. Four girls
Before you step on the Charles Bridge you are obliged to walk through the basement of the tower. There, on the ceiling are four paintings. They are dark due to a dust but when you turn your eyes up and focus for a second, you recognize four girls painted on the vaulted ceiling in front of your eyes. These four girls are spa girls.
3. Bucket and sponge
On the ceiling you will find a girl dressed in a short, shirt-like garment whose attributes – a bucket and a sponge – identify her as a spa girl.
4. Spa & Bible
Almost 150 years before Luther's translation of the Bible was first published, Prague workshop produced the very first German Bible. Vaclav had summoned best illuminators of Europe to his court. That is not a scandal yet.

The workshop was instructed to add little decorations of a kind, which has never been seen in a Bible before and after. Now this IS scandalous.
5. Sweet touch
Before stepping on the bridge road, do remember to look up. There is a sweet touch of Middle Ages on the ceiling that is worth the look!
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