The Secret Tour of Prague
March 01, 2020
Great story is the only thing we will never forget.

Bellow is the tasting of Prague as you will experience it with our Secret Tour of Prague. Map tucked in the hidden passage, hidden courtyard, out-of-sight relief – they all will have a story to share with you.

Take a dip into Prague secrets and make this a trip to remember.
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Since March 14, all the restaurants, cafés, pubs and shops (excl. groceries) are closed. Since March 16, visitors from foreign countries will not be allowed into Czech Republic.

We have canceled all March tours. You can book tours since April 1. In the case the borders are closed at the time of your tour (or at the of your trip), you will be reimbursed in full.
In a nutshell
How long does it take?
Anything between 2 – 4 hours. I don't look at watch.

What is the tour about?
Each tour is different. There is no learned script. You can pick stories from this page (see bellow), or we can make the plan as we meet. Usually we make 5-10 places within one tour.

Who is the tour made for?
Lovers of great stories, unusual places and non-mainstream solutions.

How many participants will be on the tour?
This is a private tour, so it will be only you and your company. When you book a tour date bellow, it's all yours.

What is the price?
19 EUR per person (feel free to book the tour for yourself)
0 EUR children < six.
Example: A tour for a group of 2 adults and 2 children aged 4 and 5 will cost EUR 38.

Coffee break within the tour?

Where does the tour start?
This is our meeting point.

Is the route accessible?
There are a few stairs but they can be avoided. Flat surface route is available. The pace is relaxed. When suitable we use tram – it is safe, reliable and fun. Tram tickets are included in the price of the tour.
#1 Secret map
Story: We will find this antient picture of Prague in one tucked courtyard near the Charles Bridge. It was first printed in 1598 and today it is evidence that travel blogging existed before our time. For it was drawn by a son who, instead of becoming another flemish banker like his father, decided to travel Europe and make his living by making pictures of the cities he dropped by. Granted that this young Joris had to do without a camera. So he bought ink and a featherpen on the Coal Market, Prague (you can too). Type designers take note: Joris Hoefnagel made one of the first guides for drawing letters. So although Hoefnagel senior disagreed at first, Joris ended up in black, happily.

Bottom line: Although the drawing is in the courtyard of the house on the main tourist track, I have never met anybody in front of the map. So it is about the dark-under-candle feeling. Also it is one of rare opportunities to see the Charles Bridge as it used to be – ie, without its statues. And the Little Quarter (look bellow the river) actually still without the very Little Quarter.
#2 Unexpected girls
Story: When you pass under the bridge tower, it is hard not to look in front of you towards the bridge. But if you look up, you may get startled. For what you see are spa girls – that is exactly the profession of the four girls above your head. Now there is only a few motives that would be less appropriate for this strategic defence gate ceiling. The reason of their presence has a lot to do with the Emperors' son, his love of spa and his love of, uhm, girls. More on that in Episode 4 of our podcast, or on the tour.

Bottom line: The immediate touch of middle ages. The paintings have been repaired many times, but the shapes are still the same as they were made around 1400. The girls' faces, postures, beauty have something very different from our times. And very charming.
#3 Bloody brotherhood
Story: There is thirty statues with thirty different stories on the old bridge, but one story is especially moving. The king murdered by his brother after congratulating him to a newborn son. The king's name was Wenceslas and soon became the patron of the kingdom. He even made it into a Christmas Carol. You wouldn't find more telling expression of this horrible deed than this relief on one pedestal on the Charles Bridge.

Bottom line: Above this relief, there is a beautiful statue of a granny showing a kid how to read. It is Wenceslas and his grandma Ludmila. Both were murdered, both are buried within the Prague Castle. They became the principal patrons of Bohemia. Our reflections of Jesus Christ and Madonna.
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#4 Weird angle
Story: There was another stone bridge before the Charles Bridge, as weird as it might sound. As of today, the first bridge is almost completely lost. But although the bridge melted in the river of time, it left a trace behind. You can see that the gate does not lead onto the current bridge. It is pointing sideways. There 7 centuries ago started the old bridge. Bridge of Queen Judith. This gate belonged to that bridge, initially. And then the angle was all right.

Bottom line: It is a goosebumps situation when you trace the weird angle of the old gate. There is a couple of strange houses, that give the feel of a temporary solution. These houses were built on the old bridge – and the old bridge has been contained within them until our very days.
#5 Tucked courtyard
Story: It may look like a courtyard, but we are looking on what once was the inside of a very old church. When the Husites came to burn the church down, they found out that the old nave was taken down by the builders but the new nave was not built yet. Husites still burnt what remained.

Bottom line: The place has an ingenously decadent atmosphere. There are roman arches apparent on the side walls, but they are obscured by roses and wild fig trees. In the hot summer, this forgotten courtyard serves as a perfectly cool refuge.
#6 No rules
#7 Palace and cabins
Story: What you see is a block of small houses of the poorest from about 1700. A baroque slum. Cabin-like homes are stuffed to the garden wall of the nearby monastery. Above these smallest Prague houses, there towers the largest Prague palace, Czernin. And – what an irony! After Czernin was built, the clan broke down. The poorest lived in its great halls, their "flats" divided by chalk lines. And today, the nest-like little houses of the slum are the most expensive Prague real estate.

Bottom line: Meeting Czernin is a humbling experience, it is beyond human measure. And then when you descend into the slum, the change of measure is deafening. So you can both Gulliver adventures at the same time. Feeling like a doll under the Czernin facade, and feeling like a giant, walking by the doll houses bellow.
Secret Life of Prague
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